Bell Jetranger Weight and Balance

Following the success of my CG calculator for the Robinson R22 and R44, I have now produced a version for the Bell Jetranger 206B. Unlike many of the other weight and balance spreadsheets available on the internet, this CG calculator has a clean and readable layout. It is also very easily customised to match the details of your own aircraft.

Bell 206B Weight and Balance Calculator

Bell 206B Weight and Balance Calculator

Simply enter your weight, and the weight of your passengers plus their baggage, and the calculator will tell you how much fuel you can load to reach MTOW, and also show you the CG position on the charts taken from the POH. Simple drop-down lists allow you to choose your doors and dual-control configuration, and see how the change in weight affects your CG position. If things start to light up red – you know you’re overloaded! All you need to do is add the details of your aircraft to the data tables, and you’re good to go.

  B206 Weight and Balance spreadsheet (30.7 KiB, 4,262 hits)

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Steven Hale leads the operation and development of the international Birmingham Solar Oscillations Network (BiSON), a global network of automated robotic solar telescope run by the University of Birmingham in the UK. His research interests are instrumentation and electronics, and high-resolution optical spectroscopy techniques. In his spare time he has many interests including photography and aviation, and has a private helicopter license rated on the Robinson R22 and R44 aircraft.

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  2. Do you have a W&B program for a 206B that has the upgraded Gross Weight of 3,350 instead of 3,200?

  3. Hi Jay,

    It is an Excel spreadsheet that you download and run on your computer or any other Excel-compatible device. Please do feel free to download the trial version and make sure it is suitable for your requirements.

    The full version simply has the aircraft data-table unlocked to allow you to enter your own aircraft registration and weights.

    Any other questions just ask. Thanks for your interest!


  4. It looks very nice and with the doors off and duels in or out is a nice touch too as we do training and work with the same machine.

    Can the program be loaded onto different computers or is each purchase just one download? (i would want to back it up on an external hard drive)

    Someone else asked if there was an application or provision for the increase in gross weight for the stronger skid gear and for external loads? (3350 lbs)

    Also do you have this same type of chart for the Bell Longranger 206L-3? With this program is there provision for removal of the right flight step and/or the addition of a (Dart) cargo basket?


  5. Hi John,

    It’s not a program it’s just a spreadsheet that requires Microsoft Excel or something compatible. Yes, you can put it on whatever computers you use.

    You get two versions of the spreadsheet, one for the normal weight, and another for the uprated 3350 gross weight.

    I don’t have a spreadsheet for the Longranger. This sheet doesn’t have anything for the step or cargo basket. But if you have the relevant arms and weights I could certainly add them in for you.



  6. hi steve recently bought the program, I would like to know when will be sent to my email thanks.

  7. Hi Erasmo,

    The download link is in the order confirmation email you received. Maybe it got lost in your spam folder? Just in case, I will forward the files on manually. Apologies for the trouble.


  8. I want program is weight and balance for aircraft calculation AB 212 trial xls .
    saem the B206 list up page.thanks

  9. Dear S Green,

    It’s an Excel spreadsheet. It was designed using Excel 2010, but it should work on newer versions. It should also work on any operating system that fully supports MS Excel, including Windows 8. I would suggest trying out the trial edition to see if it works on your intended platform.



  10. I would like to customize the Bell 206 weight and ballance spread sheet for my specific Helicopter. Please let me know how to do that. I have tried to enter my N Number but it wont let me.

  11. Hi Everette,

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Do you get an error message? What have you tried that doesn’t work? It’s just a normal Excel spreadsheet that you edit in the normal way. Once you’ve entered your aircraft details in the data table, you’ll be able to select your N-number from the drop down list.


  12. I saved the spread sheet to my computer but when I open the spreadsheet it ask for a password. I am not able to save my tail number in the demo version.

  13. Hi Everette,

    That’s correct, you can’t customise the demo version because it’s a demo version. The idea was if you liked the demo you would then purchase the fully unlocked version that you could edit to enter your own aircraft details.

    However, you are in luck, since there is no longer a demo version. I make the fully unlocked version available for free. If you download the latest copy from the link above you will be able to edit the aircraft data table sheet and then select your N-number from the dropdown list on the main sheet of the document.

    Hope that helps,


  14. Not sure what to say I’m afraid. I’ve never used Windows 10 or Excel 2010. I don’t actually use Windows at all any more. I’ve tried the spreadsheet just myself using Libre Office under Linux and it is completely editable, no requests for passwords or anything. I don’t have access to a Windows 10 machine with Office to test it on. Sorry.


  15. Hi Steven, just trying to look at your trial version but when I open it it’s all in code/wingdings. Is there anyway around that? Maybe my excel program is too old, I have Excel 2007.

  16. Hi Jo,

    There’s no trial version any more, it’s just a spreadsheet free to download. I’m afraid I can’t help with your problem since I don’t have any older version of Excel to test it on. It works fine on the current version of the free Libreoffice Calc. I trust you’re unzipping the archive and not trying to load the zip file into Excel?


  17. Any sources for info on creating the scatter graph or plot for the Center of Gravity? I love your charts and am trying to make them for an L3 spreadsheet I made. I know it’s not your repsonsibility to teach me excel, but any info you can give me would be awesome! Great Work by the way


    Helicopter Applicators Inc.
    Gettysburg PA USA

  18. Hi Tripp,

    Sorry, I don’t know of any good tutorials on the graphing capabilities of Excel. I’m sure there are some online. I’ve only ever clicked the buttons and worked it out for myself.

    Sorry I can’t be more help.


  19. Just a question – how does the B206 w&b compare to the OH-58? Is there a difference in calculations? Thanks!

  20. Would you please let me know how many time or years the Bell helicopter textron its suggests make a weight and balance to the helicopter Bell 206

  21. Just curious where you got the arms for the Jet A Fuel Look Up numbers. Thanks

  22. great layout! appreciate the time and effort. i was looking at the Jet-A lookup table in the spreadsheet. would you be so kind as to let me know where the reference is for the values given?
    i understand it’s customizeable, and needs to be compared with a given aircraft POH. our POH doesn’t list that table. i’m also guessing there may be variants given based on Serial Number of aircraft. anyhow. trying to validate for my personal use.
    thanks a bunch!

  23. Hi Dave,

    I’m afraid I’m not overly familiar with the B206. All I can say is that the values for the Jet-A lookup were listed in the POH that I was using at the time. Odd that yours doesn’t have it. How are you calculating W&B manually if you don’t have that information?


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