365 Days

I often look back and wonder where a year has gone. What did I do? What was significant? I can remember certain major days and events but what about the rest? A huge percentage of days just seem to become lost.

I originally started taking lots of photos because I found as soon as I got home memories would start to fade and I could never quite remember things exactly how they were. From there I got into the more artistic side of photography and found I enjoyed creating images of people and places that were worthy of displaying on a wall.

But how far can this be taken? Why limit it just to special events? How about taking a photo of something significant every single day for a whole year, and then playing it back in a fast slideshow seeing a year of your life flash past in just a couple of minutes. That would be cool!

So who’s with me? I’ve set up a Facebook group so we can see each other’s daily photos and help keep up the enthusiasm for what is no doubt going to be quite a difficult task after the first couple of months!

The technical or artistic quality of the photo is of no concern here. A mobile phone camera will do fine. Each photo should just be of whatever was most significant for you that day, no matter whether it’s just a photo of your desk at work, or a photo of your wedding.

To participate create a photo album called, for example, “365 Days”, then just join the group and post a link to your album.