2011 April 29

Part of the 365 Days project.

Many years ago there was a leak on the soil stack. Luckily from where the shower connects, not from the toilet!! It had rotted away the end of one floor joist, and the ends of four pieces of floor board.

I had to add a support for the floor joist which no longer reached the wall in order to stop the floor bouncing. I cut back the rotten boards to the next joist, cross-braced the two joists on a diagonal to add support to the corner, and then cut a piece of plywood to fit. Good as new now!

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2011 April 28

Part of the 365 Days project.

One of the trees in my garden is starting to flower. It always blossoms later than the others but when it does it looks spectacular with the bright yellow flowers.

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2011 April 27

Part of the 365 Days project.

And finally after three days of hammering all the Artex is gone. Lots of other jobs to get done before I can get it all re-plastered, though.

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2011 April 25

Part of the 365 Days project.

Artex. Who came up with that bright idea? This isn’t a photo of a ceiling. It’s a photo of a wall. Every wall. My entire dining room is covered in the horrible stuff. It’s got to go. This is going to be a fun job … :/

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2011 April 23

Part of the 365 Days project.

Went to see Isaac Newton’s house today. This is allegedly the apple tree where he got donked on the head when inventing gravity. And let’s all be thankful that he did, it must have been very difficult back then with everything floating around.

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2011 April 21

Part of the 365 Days project.

Hmm. Looks like the auto guider at our site in Western Australia is broken. The computer moves the mount to point at the Sun, but then the guider goes the wrong direction and pulls away. Good job we’ve got a trip there coming up soon so we can fix it.

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