2011 May 29

Part of the 365 Days project.

My shower had come loose on the wall, not too badly but it was wobbling enough to annoy me. Unfortunately it had some come completely off the wall before I could tighten the brackets up and then refit it.

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2011 May 27

Part of the 365 Days project.

Checking to see if the new RA motor will fit on the mount, ready to take to Western Australia.

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2011 May 26

Part of the 365 Days project.

Offloading some old user accounts from our servers. Don’t think we need any of the data but better to be safe before we clear out some disk space.

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2011 May 25

Part of the 365 Days project.

Professor Lord Robert Winston!

Debating “Arts vs Science – Can one exist without the other?

The debate was being held to launch the University of Birmingham’s Blue Plaque Trail. Other panel members were:

Bonnie Greer (Chair) – playwright, author and critic
Professor Lord Robert Winston – Imperial College London
Professor David Lodge – author
Professor Kate McLuskie – Director of the University’s Shakespeare Institute
Professor Paul Smith – Head of School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

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2011 May 23

Part of the 365 Days project.

Arrgh! Another MIL connector. Oh well, at least this one didn’t take all day to make. This is a wye-cable for the new solar telescope autoguider that we are installing in Carnarvon, Western Australia. Hopefully I’ll be able to book the flights soon 🙂

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