2011 June 20

Part of the 365 Days project.

Uh oh. The server crashed twice over the weekend. Looks like the motherboard is failing – capacitors are not supposed to bulge and leak like that! Time for an emergency mobo swap.

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2011 June 19

Part of the 365 Days project.

Model helicopter transmitter and field kit. But no helicopter to fly with it! I’ve just sold my Raptor 50 since I hadn’t flown it in ages. Time to get a smaller more convenient electric micro heli 🙂

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2011 June 16

Part of the 365 Days project.

It’s the grad ball this week. There are fairground rides and everything. Never had this when I were a student!t!

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2011 June 13

Part of the 365 Days project.

I got Android running on my Windows Mobile phone today. It’s ported by those clever guys over at XDA Developers. It’s not perfect, but it runs well enough for me to try it out and decide if my next phone is going to be running Android.

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2011 June 12

Part of the 365 Days project.

There was a plug socket half way up the wall since this part of the dining room used to be the kitchen before the house was extended. I have removed it, and will be replacing this single socket with a double.

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