Helicopter Weight and Balance

Having spent some time looking on the internet for a good Weight and Balance Calculator for the Robinson R22 Helicopter and finding most of them to be poorly designed and difficult to customise, I decided to create my own. The following Microsoft Excel spreadsheets have a clear layout and simple tables for adding additional aircraft details. Charts and conditional formatting show clearly when you’re overloaded or outside a CG limit. Following the success of the version for the R22 I’ve also made versions for the R44 and Bell 206B.

Flight Planner

Ready to throw the whiz-wheel out the window? Have a look at this Flight Planner that calculates the Rhumb line between your waypoints, and also solves the Triangle of Velocities. With a convenient knee-board sized output and large clear display of all the most important information, you may never need your whiz-wheel again!

Student’s Progress Report for Flight Instructors

Too much tippex on your student records? This Progress Report spreadsheet automates all the calculations and ensures accurate and tidy recording of your student’s achievement.

Triangle of Velocities Mathematical Solution

What exactly does the wind side of your whiz-wheel do? How does it work? Find out here by solving the Triangle of Velocities.

All files and tools on this page are provided “as is” with no express or implied warranty for accuracy or accessibility. Use at your own risk. All calculations should be checked before being relied upon for flight planning purposes.